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Home » News » Sex On The Beach. A cocktail for good weather, step by step recipe

Sex On The Beach. A cocktail for good weather, step by step recipe

Sex On The Beach. A cocktail for good weather, step by step recipe

people icon For 1 euro icon € 1.3 /pers. calories icon 156 kcal/100g


  • 45 milliliters of vodka
  • 15 milliliters of peach liqueur
  • 15 milliliters of cranberry or other red fruit juice
  • 15 milliliters of orange juice
  • Ice
  • Fruit decoration: Orange or cherry slices
  • A straw or an umbrella to decorate it

Cocktails are a drink that can accompany us at any time since they exist for all types of tastes and moments . This is the case of the mojito, for example, or the cocktail we are going to discuss today, the Sex on the Beach .

We may be familiar with seeing it mentioned in American movies since it comes from there, but it is a cocktail known and made internationally. Furthermore, its suggestive name (sex on the beach) hides a set of very sweet and fruity flavors that barely lets you feel the bitterness of alcohol. Of course, this is somewhat dangerous.

It was created from the first moment in Florida, during the 1980s when a company released a liquor made with peaches. A salesperson from this company decided to hold a contest for local bartenders and thus increase sales. Whoever sold the most peach schnapps would get a prize of $1,000.

It was taken by Ted Pizio who ran a bar called Confetti’s thanks to the fact that he made a fruity drink to which he gave this daring name ” Sex on the Beach .” The drink was consumed by the young people of the area to such an extent that it became incredibly popular.

What sold this cocktail was not really the flavor but the name it obtained since the person who patented it decided to be inspired by attractions that Florida itself had and which were mainly summarized in beaches and sex.

As with a long list of other cocktails, Sex on the Beach has varied over time so that the vodka was changed with coconut rum or simply rum or modified with grenadine, cranberry juice.

Preparation of “Sex on the beach”

  1. We will start using a Hurricane glass or a Highball glass (if you can’t find it or don’t have it at home, a tall glass like the one in the photo is fine) and we will put the ice inside our cocktail shaker. The next step will be to add the vodka with the help of the jigger.
  2. Add the peach liqueur and then the cranberry juice. Don’t forget to add the orange juice in equal parts. If the juice is natural, it will give it a much more natural flavor, that is, less sweet.
  3. We shake the mixture well for about 15 seconds and then pour it into the glass. Finally, decorate with some cherries and an orange slice. If you want, you can add a little umbrella to decorate it.

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