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Piononos stuffed with dulce de leche

Piononos stuffed with dulce de leche

people icon For 4 euro icon € 1.2 /pers. calories icon 302 kcal/100g


  • 6 eggs M
  • 60g. wheat pastry flour
  • 370 ml. dulce de leche (small jar)
  • 60g. of sugar
  • 100g. grated coconut
  • 15 ml. of honey
  • 3g. of salt
  • 15 ml. vanilla aroma

Pionon is known as a type of sweet whose base is always a thin sponge cake rolled on itself and with some filling, similar to gypsy arm , which is subsequently cut into individual portions forming a cylinder. In Spain the best known are the Santa Fé piononos , filled with pastry cream . In Brazil they are known as Pão de Ló , in Latin America the pionono is a more generic name to refer to the sheet of a cake rolled with whatever filling.

The piononos filled with dulce de leche are incredibly good, a guaranteed success for a special snack or dessert. The Genoese sponge cake , which is the base of this recipe, is very easy to make, you just have to pay close attention to the oven because, being so thin, it is done in just a few minutes. Dulce de leche, purchased or homemade, seems like the perfect filling for this recipe.

The light and fluffy cake can be filled with any other sweet cream, such as cocoa cream, jam, or even make two and prepare one of each. What is clear is that children and adults are going to go crazy with this simple and delicious dessert.

Preparation of pionones stuffed with dulce de leche

  1. Preheat the oven to 200º C with heat up and down.
  2. In a large bowl we put the eggs, sugar, honey, vanilla, and salt. We beat with electric beaters until the mixture triples in size and is creamy, little by little we add the flour while continuing to beat. After adding all the flour, we beat only about 5 more seconds so that it is integrated but the dough does not lose its creaminess.
  3. We pour the mixture onto the oven tray on greaseproof paper and smooth it with a spatula to even it out.

Baking, filling and presentation of the pionones

  1. Bake for 6-8 minutes, making sure it doesn’t burn. We will observe that it acquires a slight golden color on the surface. We take it out of the oven, turn it over and carefully remove the paper.
  2. We spread the surface of the cake with the dulce de leche, we help ourselves with a tongue to facilitate the task. We roll the cake on itself so that the dulce de leche remains inside.
  3. We cover the outside with more dulce de leche and sprinkle with grated coconut. We cut the individual portions we want. We serve immediately or store in the refrigerator until ready to serve, although for another day it loses a little, it is better to do it for the same day. A real luxury for dessert, right?

I encourage you to try making this recipe. You can see all the step-by-step photos of this dulce de leche-filled pionono  in this album.

Tips for some piononos stuffed with dulce de leche

  • If we don’t like coconut we can sprinkle grated white chocolate. 
  • If you want to freeze the pionono at another time, simply roll the cake with its parchment paper and wrap it with plastic wrap. We leave it in the freezer and when you want to use it, you remove it and let it cool in the refrigerator so that the next day it is perfect for filling. How freshly made.
  • You can serve it as I show you in the cover photo, but as it is better (also to avoid eating everything at once) it is in individual portions, you have to do it with the help of a very sharp knife or metal thread.

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