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How to make a gluten-free pizza dough with chickpea flour. Faina

How to make a gluten-free pizza dough with chickpea flour. Faina

people icon For 4 euro icon € 5.2 /pers. calories icon 175 kcal/100g


  • 150 g chickpea flour
  • 200 g of water
  • 15 ml. extra virgin olive oil
  • 30g. rice flour
  • 3g. baking powder or baking powder
  • 10g. almond flour (or other dried fruit)
  • 1 teaspoon tahini or sesame cream
  • A pinch of freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 grams of salt

How to make pizza with chickpea flour. A quick and easy healthy gluten-free recipe.

Yes, you can make pizza with chickpea flour . We have tried it at home and it is not like traditional pizza dough but it is really good. Easier to work with than the cauliflower pizza base and my little one liked it, he didn’t leave a single crumb.

We continue testing gluten-free pizza bases , since many of you want gluten-free proposals and we try to make them delicious at home. Also perfect for eating better at home, eating a little more legumes a week. We have also added a touch of  tahini  that leaves a light sesame flavor, simply delicious. One more way to eat chickpeas in a different way, not only in the usual stew , in the form of falafel , with the classic chickpea hummus , the original  beet hummus  or the  avocado hummus .

recipe with legumes  that we can fill with your favorite ingredients, as if it were a normal pizza, but much crunchier. In just over half an hour we have a lunch or dinner rich in vegetable proteins, totally vegetarian and naturally gluten-free.

For this crispier, thinner and more consistent base, I recommend not filling it with too many ingredients. A little tomato, cheese to taste and some vegetables (if you want it vegetarian) or your favorite meat ingredients. Do you dare to make it at home?

Preparation of chickpea flour

In a powerful food processor or food processor, add the chickpeas, increasing the speed little by little until reaching the maximum and let them blend for approximately a minute and a half. Although the best option is to buy it, there are already many brands and nowadays it is easy to find it in any supermarket.

Preparation of chickpea dough

  1. In a bowl we put the chickpea flour, salt, a teaspoon of tahini, the yeast, the aromatic herbs, the rice flour, the almond flour and the freshly ground black pepper. We mix everything well with our hands or if you prefer with a spoon or spatula, there should be no lumps. We add the extra virgin olive oil and mix again with our hands.
  2. We add the water little by little and mix so that the flour absorbs the liquid, until the water runs out and we get a homogeneous dough. It will be like a moist porridge, but not liquid, more or less like a very thick crepe batter.
  3. If we have time, we can let it rest for an hour, covered with a cotton cloth. Otherwise nothing would happen.
  4. We cover a baking tray with special baking paper. We take small portions of the thick dough and place it on the paper. We flatten them until they are less than a centimeter thick and make the shape you like best, circular or covering the entire tray (square or rectangular). It usually turns out quite well but you have to bake it first.
  5. We preheat the oven to 250º C.
  6. My recommendation is to bake the base a little before adding the rest of the ingredients, for about 10 minutes at 200º C until it begins to crisp. We remove from the oven. If it breaks, we add a little water.

Preparation of pizza with chickpea dough

  1. We place the ingredients that we like the most, in this case we chose tomato sauce and melted cheese, but for example we can change the melted cheese for a vegan cheese. We are going to cook the dough just enough so that it is done and not dry. Remember that you know your oven better than I do, try it first and make it to the taste of your home.
  2. We lower the oven to 180º C (turn on the gratin function) and put the pizza back in for a few minutes so that the cheese melts with some slices of tomato and we can add a little basil. We take out of the oven and ready to eat.

Tips for a delicious chickpea pizza dough

  • You can add vinegar to the dough, so that the raw legume flavor is not noticeable and it will also be more tender and spongy.
  • If you include a little yeast, you will get a less compact block, rather spongy and elastic.
  • Add a little oil to make the dough more creamy and elastic. In gluten-free breads, adding a little oil helps prevent it from being dry and brittle.

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