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Gaul donuts. San Isidro dessert

Gaul donuts. San Isidro dessert

people icon For 4 euro icon € 0.42 /pers. calories icon 408 kcal/100g


  • 250 g pastry flour
  • 750 ml whole milk
  • 50g butter
  • 40g sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • Mild olive oil for frying
  • 60 g white sugar
  • 25 g cornstarch
  • Vanilla extract to taste
  • Icing sugar to taste

Galos are roscos or donuts filled with cream, typical of Madrid. They are prepared and sold in traditional pastry shops throughout the year, but it is the days near San Isidro , patron saint of the capital, when they are seen the most. Unfortunately they are little known and other sweets, less ours, have gained a lot of ground for them. A shame because I think it’s a delicious dessert.

That’s why today I come to break a spear in favor of classic and traditional sweets , specifically these Gallic donuts that are delicious. They are prepared with a dough similar to choux dough that is shaped into a donut and fried in plenty of oil. They have an air of San Froilán donuts from my beloved Galicia and have a privileged place in our donut recipes section .

Then, if that were not enough, they are opened in half, filled with pastry cream and covered with a chocolate, lemon or coffee bath. To me the latter seems a bit excessive, so I have limited myself to sprinkling the donuts with icing sugar. A complete success.

Apparently these donuts are attributed to Russian origin. From the kitchen of the tsars they arrived in the capital when some monks from that country settled in Madrid. The name comes from a pastry chef called Galo, who sold them on the streets of the city, nothing to do with the Russian monks.

If, like me, you like traditional pastries, I encourage you to try making these Galos donuts . They will compete in San Isidro with the silly donuts or the ready donuts , for me, these win by a landslide. If you prepare them, they will take them off your hands because they are pure candy.

Preparation of Galos donuts

Quick preparation of the pastry cream in the microwave

  1. We start by preparing a quick pastry cream made in the microwave to fill the Galos. It has to be cold by now, so it is better to make it in advance.
  2. In a deep microwave-safe container, mix all the ingredients and stir well with a whisk to homogenize.
  3. We cover with transparent plastic wrap and place in the microwave. We program three minutes at maximum power (780W in ours).
  4. Remove from the microwave, stir with the whisk and cook again in the microwave at maximum power for two more minutes.
  5. Remove from the microwave, stir to homogenize and cover with plastic wrap, in contact with the cream, so that a crust does not form. We let it cool before transferring it to a pastry bag with a star nozzle and storing it in the refrigerator where we will let it cool completely.

Mass of the Gauls

  1. In a saucepan we heat the milk with the sugar, salt and butter. When it starts to boil, add the previously sifted flour all at once. We stir with a wooden spoon until homogenized, vigorously.
  2. We continue heating the mixture over low heat and remove the saucepan from the heat when the dough comes away from the walls.
  3. Before continuing we need to wait for the dough to lose temperature. The next step is to add the egg and we do not want it to cook due to the heat. 15 minutes of rest will be enough.
  4. Add an egg and a yolk, stirring again vigorously with the spoon until everything is integrated. If we see that the dough is a little hard, we add the remaining egg white. We do it little by little, teaspoon by teaspoon, and stir until we obtain a smooth and soft dough, but firm enough to maintain the shape of the donuts.
  5. Let the dough cool for a few minutes before placing it in a pastry bag with a curly nozzle. We cut squares of greaseproof paper measuring about 8 x 8 cm. We pour the dough over these pieces of paper, forming a donut.

Frying and final presentation of the Galos donuts

  1. We heat plenty of oil in a frying pan and, when it reaches approximately 170º C, we insert the pieces of paper with the raw dough thread inside.
  2. The dough will come off the paper as it fries, so we remove the papers and let the donuts brown for a couple of minutes. We turn and brown on the other side for two more minutes.
  3. When removing the threads from the oil, let the excess fat drain onto a plate covered with absorbent paper and let it cool.
  4. We cut horizontally with a serrated knife and cover one of the halves with pastry cream. We place the other half on top, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

You can see all the step-by-step photos of this special San Isidro Galos donuts recipe . Don’t miss any details so that they turn out perfect.

Tips for perfect Galos donuts

  • The point of the dough is important so that, when frying the donuts, they maintain the shape and pattern of the nozzle. Too liquid and the drawing will be lost. Too thick and not only will it be difficult to pour but the donuts will be hard.
  • Each flour has an absorption capacity, so it is best to add a little liquid (egg) at first and adjust as you see.
  • The frying oil has to be at 170ºC so that the donuts are well cooked inside once they reach a nice golden color.

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