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Home » News » Café Barraquito, the trendy Tenerife coffee

Café Barraquito, the trendy Tenerife coffee

Café Barraquito, the trendy Tenerife coffee

people icon For 1 euro icon € 2.1 /pers. calories icon 301 kcal/100g


  • 25 ml. of Liquor 43
  • 1 espresso coffee
  • 50 ml. whole milk
  • 30g. condensed milk
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder
  • A slice of lemon

The Canary Islands are an earthly paradise, and their hallmarks are a little piece of heaven. One of those wonders that the archipelago has left us is Barraquito, a particular coffee from Tenerife with a spectacular flavor and very difficult to find outside the Spanish borders. Today we bring you the recipe for this drink with the base of the famous bonbon coffee so that you can enjoy in your homes one of the treasures that the Tenerife island offers us.

Coffee is for many of us one of those vices that is difficult for us to get rid of. The most experts will know that the boundaries of classic espresso can be surpassed . There are plenty of ways to prepare coffee, from more modern versions like Dalgona coffee , Starbucks-style Frappuccino , or Pumpkin spice latte , to more classic and adult versions like Irish coffee or carajillo . Barraquito coffee is part of this second school.

The recipe for Barranquito coffee or Canarian coffee is quite simple, it consists of a mixture of coffee with milk, liqueur 43, a little cinnamon and a slice of lemon . The result is super rich and, above all, very attractive.

Now, carrying out the preparation process correctly requires that we have good instructions. If you want to know how to properly prepare a good Barraquito coffee, stay and read today’s entry.

Origin of Barraquito coffee

Since Barraquito coffee is a national drink, the least we can do is delve a little into its origin. Although there are different versions about the origin of this drink, the most popular takes us to the second half of the 20th century. It is said that at the Bar Imperial (a Tenerife establishment that is still open today) one of the regular customers was nicknamed “Barraco” or “Barraquito”.

The customer used to order a cut with condensed milk at breakfast time, served in a small glass of liquor 43 and accompanied by a slice of lemon and a little cinnamon. As you can see, our friend Barraquito was a true sybarite. The peculiarity of this order did not go under the radar and, little by little, Barraquito coffee gained popularity until it became a flagship drink of the entire archipelago.

The one you see in the photo is the one I tried for the first time in Tenerife, at the Ébano café. Not only the coffee, the entire cake menu was spectacular, be sure to visit them if you go to the island.

How to prepare a Barraquito coffee

Preparing coffee is relatively simple and cheap: you just have to know the order of the ingredients and adjust the quantities a little to your liking. To do it, you just have to follow these steps.

  1. The first step will be to place the condensed milk as the bottom of the glass. Afterwards, we will add the amount of liquor 43 that we want for our drink. The more liquor, the more intense our Barraquito will be, logically.
  2. Once we have those two ingredients in the glass, we are going to froth the milk. If we do not have an electric creamer or milk frother, we can use the same trick that we used with the espresso macchiato : we pour the amount of milk we want into a glass jar, stir, and heat at maximum power in the microwave for half a minute. approximately.
  3. When we have the foamed milk, we reserve a little to use later and pour the rest over the liquor that we have in the glass, preventing them from mixing thanks to the differences in textures.
  4. Now comes the trickiest step: pouring the espresso. So that the entire Barraquito does not collapse, we will have to do it slowly and delicately. We can help ourselves with a spoon to do it. Next, we add a splash of milk to the coffee with the same care.
  5. Finally, we add a little more foamed milk on top to decorate, we cover with a pinch of cinnamon powder, we add a slice of lemon to decorate, and we will have our Barraquito coffee ready.

For Barraquito coffee to turn out well, it is essential to follow the order of preparation . If not, the ingredients will integrate and we will not have that beautiful distinction of colors that gives so much personality to this drink.

This coffee can work as a great dessert or as a good after-dinner companion. Since not all of us can enjoy the wonderful climate and landscape of the Canary archipelago, we can at least be content with a Barraquito coffee from time to time.

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