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Home » News » Argentine chocolate cake. Chocolate cookie cake with dulce de leche.

Argentine chocolate cake. Chocolate cookie cake with dulce de leche.

Argentine chocolate cake. Chocolate cookie cake with dulce de leche.

people icon For 10 euro icon € 1.4 /pers. calories icon 325 kcal/100g


  • 2 packages of Chocolinas chocolate cookies (if you are celiac, gluten-free chocolate cookies)
  • 600g. mascarpone cheese cream
  • 600g. of dulce de leche
  • 2 tablespoons instant coffee
  • 200 ml. of hot water
  • 100g. chocolate to decorate (gluten-free if someone has celiac disease)

Chocotorta  is one of the best known desserts in Argentine homes, along with alfajores and pancakes . Very popular in the 80s, it became very famous especially in the towns south of Santa Fe, because it was very easy to make, it does not need an oven and you mix ingredients without having to cook. Perfect for any celebration.

However, it is rare to find it in restaurants because it is more like grandma’s cake , a homemade cake that is prepared for birthdays.

It is made with “ chocolinas ” chocolate cookies , very similar to Oceanix, although they are a little more bitter as they have a higher concentration of cocoa. That’s what makes the contrast with dulce de leche ideal.

Although the original recipe for the chocotorta is the one that I am going to show you below, it is true that other versions of cookie cakes soon appeared . For example, soaking the cookies in liqueurs such as Port, or in syrup… or decorating the top layer, which can be very varied, from pine nuts to jams. ​Here you have the base of the most traditional recipe in Argentina, but as I always tell you, customize it to the taste of each house.

Preparation of the Argentine chocotorta

  1. In a bowl, beat together the cheese and dulce de leche until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream. To make it better, use a stick blender. We reserve covered in the refrigerator.
  2. In the original recipe, the cookies were dipped in Port and equal parts of dulce de leche and Mendicrim, an Argentine cream cheese, were used for the filling mixture. You can do it at home, with Port, coffee or coffee with a little liqueur, milk or milk with cocoa (if the little ones at home are going to eat it. In our case we have opted for coffee.
  3. We prepare the coffee, if you are going to eat this cake it is better that it be decaffeinated coffee (you can also use soluble coffee, from your favorite brand). We pour the coffee into a bowl and dip the cookies in it for 3 or 4 seconds.
  4. Since the cookies are square, the ideal is to use a square or rectangular mold, and place the cookies forming a base. Next, we spread the cheese and dulce de leche mixture that we had reserved, creating a layer and we cover again with another layer of cookies dipped in coffee.
  5. We form layers, at least three, finishing the cake with a layer of cream cheese with dulce de leche. Finally, we decorate with grated cocoa or chocolate or colored shavings. In our case, we used a pastry bag to take advantage of the leftover filling so that it looked delicious.
  6. We reserve it in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours before consuming it. In fact, it’s much better, from one day to the next.

Follow the steps of this delicious recipe in this album . Don’t miss any details so that it turns out perfect.

Tips for a perfect chocolate cake

  • In this cake we have used Chocolinas cookies, which are the most consumed to prepare the authentic Chocotorta. You can find them in Spain in specialized Latin food stores or in online stores like Amazon. But fine chocolate cookies like Tosta Rica’s Oceanix or even gluten-free cookies are also valid in case there is a celiac at home.

PACK of 3 BAGLEY CHOCOLINES Chocolate Cookies. The authentic Argentine cookies. Chocotorta special pack.

PACK of 3 BAGLEY CHOCOLINES Chocolate Cookies. The authentic Argentine cookies. Chocotorta special pack.

  • Chocolinas were born in Argentina in 1975 and usually have a lot of chocolate flavor, less sweet than those from Tosta Rica, which is offset by the flavor of dulce de leche, which makes it a balanced and beastly cake, one of the ones I like the most. . Like the one I recently tried in Malasaña, in the Branch, delicious.
  • If you have celiac disease at home, you will have to replace the chocolates with other gluten-free chocolate cookies.
  • It also has mascarpone cheese, but if you want it to be a little lighter, choose another cream cheese that you like, it will go well with the dulce de leche without a problem.
  • The ideal is to reserve it in the refrigerator until the next day, so that the ingredients settle or serve it immediately, but never hot.
  • Remember that, since these are perishable ingredients, we must consume them as soon as possible. I don’t think it will last long at home, but don’t leave it in the refrigerator for more than 4 days. Share and it will be over quickly!

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